Our purpose is to build an industry community for B2B professionals.

#FlipMyFunnel was brought to life out of a realization in 2015 by Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus, when he realized the traditional lead-based funnel was inefficient for driving real revenue.

We decided it was time to challenge the status quo of traditional B2B marketing practices and transform how B2B marketers approached driving revenue in their organization.

Nearly three years later, we have built the foundation of a scalable community. We now have over 7,000 believers who call #FlipMyFunnel their home for all things account-based marketing.

To keep the momentum strong, we’ve created a set of core values that embody what we believe will be our key to a thriving community:

  • We are committed to creating an amazingly valuable experience for all community members including conference attendees, online community members, ABM University, event sponsors and speakers.
  • We aspire to develop an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome.
  • We strive to be respectful in our engagements with our fellow community members.
  • We desire to better ourselves as practitioners and professionals by embracing new knowledge and ideas.

And we’re just getting started! An amazing will only ever be as strong as the members within it and we need your support to make it happen.