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Who is #FlipMyFunnel For?

  • B2B Marketers who want to learn how to turn their funnel into a machine that produces real opportunities and real revenue
  • Anyone who wants to stop tossing leads over the fence
  • Sales development professionals and account executives who want to meet new people, learn how to accelerate their pipeline, network, and more
  • Organizations that want to align their sales, marketing, and customer success teams to reduce churn, extend the lifecycle of their customers, creating raving fans, source ready-to-buy accounts, run campaigns that generate ROI, and so much more!
  • B2B professionals interested in account-based marketing
  • Executive leadership who want to understand how to hack their growth through account-based marketing
  • Anyone who tosses leads over the fence to Sales and crosses their fingers that it turns into revenue
  • You are a badass B2B marketer who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo of the traditional lead-based thinking that is currently running rampant in B2B companies everywhere.
  • You believe there has to be a better way and you won’t stop searching until you’ve found it.
  • Marketers and sales professionals who want to meet other organizations with similar business challenges who were able to overcome obstacles and figure out what works

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