Join a Group Near You



What is a #FlipMyFunnel Meetup:

#FlipMyFunnel Meetup is a group composed of like-minded marketers, sales and customer success individuals who share the same passion about ABM, that come together on a regular basis to teach others, learn new skills, network and have fun.

How Do You Join a Meetup:

First, you will need to create a profile

Then navigate to the #FlipMyFunnel meetup group you are interested in and select the “Join Us” button

Interested in Starting a #FlipMyFunnel Meetup:

Send an email to [email protected] and include contact info

Minimum requirement:

  • Host a meetup at least 6 times a year

No cost venues to host a Meetup:


Local business with meeting space

Coffee Shops

Topics for Meetups:

Ask around and find people who are passionate about the ABM movement to speak, hold a workshop or just get together and network with your peers.

Meetup Sponsors:

Local companies may be interested in sponsoring a meetup by having a speaker, swag, venue, and refreshments.