About Nikki Nixon

There's nothing Nikki loves more than flipping funnels. She was part of the founding team of the #FlipMyFunnel movement and currently serves as the Director. Her passions involve helping B2B marketing and sales practitioners become masters of their craft and heroes in their organizations. When she's not flipping funnels, she loves watching gymnastics and reading a good book.

Event Marketing School Day 1: Live Blog


Nikki here. I’m attending the Event Marketer Virtual Summit today and decided to live blog to share the insights with the community.

We Want a Do-Over: 5 Ways We Made Growing INBOUND to 21,000+ Harder Than


Meet these #FlipMyFunnel Funnel Flippers at #MktgNation

Connect with #FlipMyFunnel Funnel Flippers at Marketo’s #MktgNation

Our mission at #FlipMyFunnel is to build the world’s largest and most connected vendor-agnostic community of B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals. With that in


Can B2B Marketing Survive Without Leads?

Could you imagine a world where leads were not part of the B2B marketing equation? It could be both scary and exciting.

If you’re feeling either right now, then you should definitely see our latest Dynamic Duo presenting