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Crush Your Competition With Account-Based Marketing (ABM) University

The #1 Certification & Course for B2B Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Professionals Who Want to Move the Needle in Their Organization Through ABM

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Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You Will Learn in ABM University

#FlipMyFunnel has launched ABM University – a complete account-based marketing training program for marketing teams that want to learn how to drive revenue by implementing ABM in their organization and earn a vendor-agnostic ABM certification.

We’ve had the opportunity to engage with over 6,000 B2B marketers through the #FlipMyFunnel community over the past 18 months and one thing we’ve consistently heard is that many practitioners feel they don’t have the skills they need to move the needle in their businesses or they’ve heard of account-based marketing, but don’t know how to execute the strategy.

Account-Based Marketing University (ABMU) students will have access to an online, self-paced course taught by some of the top thought-leaders and practitioners in ABM

So are you ready to get started with your account-based marketing training?

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What ABM Training Can Help You Solve

You’re facing one or more of these issues in your business:

  • You toss leads over to Sales and cross your fingers that they become paying customers
  • All of your leads are crap
  • Your team isn’t able to generate enough demand for your product or service
  • You want to win over enterprise companies but are daunted by the process
  • Your campaigns result in really crappy ROI despite best efforts and healthy budget
  • Your deals aren’t closing fast enough
  • You can’t seem to engage your target market
  • Your pipeline keeps getting bigger, but nothing’s closing
  • Sales and Marketing aren’t aligned around the same goals and therefore can’t speak the same language
  • Sales isn’t converting your leads into paying customers
  • Marketing isn’t giving you quality leads that generate real opportunities

You’ve got one or more of these goals but you’re not hitting them:

  • You want high-quality leads that turn into paying customers
  • You want your marketing campaigns to provide actual results and positive ROI
  • You want to maximize your resources and budget
  • You want to impress your Sales team with prospects who are ready to buy and become real opportunities
  • You want to increase the amount of conversations, appointments, and meetings with your prospects
  • You want to create marketing campaigns that your prospects and brand advocates will rave about
  • You want to accelerate your pipeline and turn prospects into customers faster
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ABM University Pricing

ABM University

$499per license
  • Complete access to ABM University for 1 year
  • Access to all 40+ thought-leader videos
  • Access to ABM University community
  • Access to 250 lessons
  • Access to official ABM certification test
  • BONUS: Download the 2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey Report
  • BONUS: Access the Virtual Engagement Bootcamp

What’s Inside

Lessons on Account-Based Marketing
Thought-Leader Videos
Certification Test
Sales & Marketing Gurus

What You Will Learn

#FlipMyFunnel has launched Account-Based Marketing (ABM) University – a complete training program for marketing teams that want to learn how to drive revenue by implementing ABM in their organization.

  • How to define the target markets and people that will pay your organization money
  • How to completely reshape the way you think about leads and how to get them
  • Reach the right audience for your product or service
  • Learn how to help the Sales team close your opportunities and turn your leads into deals
  • How to accelerate your pipeline
  • Increase the number of opportunities
  • Convert your dream accounts into paying customers
  • Build a more effective approach for target accounts
  • Secure more meetings, phone calls, and appointments for your sales team
  • Develop your own completely flipped funnel
  • Get tons of ideas on campaigns to run on your target market
  • How to sell ABM internally to the organization
  • How to create an organization around revenue
  • How to get in front of prospects
  • Expand reach in current accounts
  • How to engage the key decision-makers and get their attention
  • Create brand advocates in the long-term
  • Reduce customer churn and extend the lifetime value of your customers

Learn How to Completely Flip Your Funnel and Get Results from ABM University

ABM University will teach you how to completely reshape your marketing campaigns and tactics to get results, align sales and marketing around revenue, and how to close more deals faster.



What’s Possible With Account-Based Marketing

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what these #FlipMyFunnel community members had to say on their results. After implementing account-based marketing and running ABM campaigns, these organizations achieved what felt impossible.

“Since [my] first ABM launch, in December of 2014, 1/3 of the sales pipeline can be attributed to ABM campaign success. Working diligently with sales, [I have] been able to help sales achieve their annual sales goal mid-October of 2016, almost 3 months ahead of plan.”
Adam Polaszewski, Director of Demand Generation,
“This [ABM] strategy has increased awareness among our target accounts from being 2% of website traffic to being 8%, opportunity coverage went up from 13% of accounts having an opportunity to over 40% in the matter of 6 months, and we landed a few Fortune 100 deals sourced by marketing.”
Masha Finkelstein, Demand Generation Lead at BetterWorks
“After seeing a 41% account to meeting conversion rate and a 177% ROI we decided to dive in. In September 2016 we launched our first truly automated campaign and began our weekly direct mail cadence – all supported by display, content syndication and sponsored updates. As we move into Q4, we are seeing a 120% ROI and are focused on how we can expand and improve our efficiency.”
Lisa Skinner, VP, Demand Generation at Localytics
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Do These Results Make You Jealous?

Account-Based Marketing University will teach you the fundamentals and the tactics in ABM that these practitioners are already using to get results. So what are you waiting for?
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Why Should You Attend ABM University?

There’s a ton of training options for marketing, sales, and even customer success. You might be wondering to yourself, “Why THIS course?” Keep reading to learn why ABM University should be a part of your training this year.

1 Less than 1% of leads turn into paying customers according to research by Forrester.

Sorry if it’s really cruel, but it’s true. According to Forrester, less than 1% of leads turn into paying customers, which means that marketing campaign you’re running might not be generating the amount of quality leads you want. If you’re putting everything you’ve got into your marketing funnel, tossing it over to sales, and plugging your ears, then this course is for you. If your leads never turn into paid opportunities, nothing seems to be moving or closing fast enough, then it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your overall strategy.

2 Access a Fully Interactive, Online Course Packed With Lessons, Quizzes, Videos, and More From Marketing and Sales Thought-Leaders.

You can take ABM University no matter where you are! Learn on your phone, on your desktop computer, and even on your mobile device! Participate in discussions with other students who are also reshaping their businesses and turning their marketing campaigns into results. Dig deep into the course, take the quizzes, get certified, participate in the community, and learn from the world’s thought leaders in the industry!

3 Get Certified From the World’s Account-Based Marketing Experts and Become a Game-Changer In Your Organization.

Marketers, sellers, and customer success managers who understand how to leverage account-based marketing and get results will literally become game-changers in their organization. The old funnel is broken. It’s time to flip your funnel TODAY. Symptoms of a flipped funnel include increased pipeline, faster close rates, more high-quality opportunities, leads that convert into paying customers, and possibly even a promotion or a raise.

Testimonials from Real ABM University Graduates

Hear from these ABM University graduates about their experience with the course and what they learned!

“If you want to kick-start your account-based marketing, a.k.a #ABM journey, as a B2B marketer this is one-stop course from the experts in the field. It covers A to Z of ABM with easily consumable content, videos and quizzes. I enjoyed completing the course! I am now more confident than ever to get in to account-based marketing thanks to #FlipMyFunnel’s ABM University.”
Sanjay Rathi, Consultant at CapGemini
“Today’s modern sales and marketing professionals need actionable strategies and tactics they can put into use rapidly to generate results. Their goals aren’t going to wait for them to figure it out. I love the notion of #ABMU and I’m picking up the challenge by actively participating in the training of the first wave of account-based marketing pros.”
Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD

Who Is ABM Training For?

ABM University is PERFECT for:

  • Professionals who provide products or services to other businesses. AKA – You’re B2B and you need to win the hearts and minds of other companies.
  • Business development professionals, account executives, sales development representatives, and other sellers who work closely with Marketing to close deals.
  • Marketers who want to drive REVENUE and PROFITS from their campaign efforts and make their Sales team and executives very happy.

ABM University is NOT for:

  • Organizations that only sell to the public – aka the B2C folks. This course could be useful for organizations that have distributor models, but it really depends.
  • People who are not serious about their own professional development and growth and expect instant results.
  • Organizations that don’t encourage the collaboration of the Sales, Marketing, and even Customer Success team. Yes – Customer Success matters too.
  • Organizations that target really small companies. The amount of time and effort you’ll spend targeting small companies probably won’t be worth it for you.

The ABM University Course Syllabus

ABM University is broken up into 7 main course modules with lessons in each module. Each module covers an important topic combined with content, videos, quizzes, and more for each lesson. There are more than 250+ lessons, 40+ thought-leader videos, and more.

When you enroll in ABM University, you have complete access to the program and all of its premium content, access to the community in the platform, exclusive content from the ABM University Professors, and you’ll get a vendor-agnostic ABM certification.

Take a Peek

  1. Welcome to #FlipMyFunnel University
Lessons: 28 lessons

  1. What is Account-Based Marketing?
  2. The #FlipMyFunnel Approach
  3. Aligning your Sales & Marketing Teams to “Smarketing” – Make Sales Your Marketing Team’s #1 Customer
    1. Re-establish Marketing’s Mission
    2. Building The Smarketing Team
    3. Serving the Account Together – Building the ABM Playbook
Lessons: 53 lessons

  1. Knowing Who To Target  
    1. Focusing on The Right Market  
    2. Creating an Ideal Customer Profile
    3. Making Your Value Proposition
  2. Fueling Your ABM Engine
    1. Managing and Leveraging Your Existing CRM Data
    2. Obtaining New Data on Target Accounts
    3. Creating New Accounts
    4. Protecting Data Quality
  3. Qualifying Your Target Accounts
    1. Gauging Level of Interest
    2. Converting Accounts to Opportunities
    3. Qualifying A Revenue Opportunity
Lessons: 37 lessons

  1. Reaching The Right People In Your Target Accounts
    1. Preparing Your Account-Specific Plan
  2. Using Marketing Automation For Your Account Strategy
    1. Strategizing Your Expansion Tactics
    2. Fundamentals of Grading and Scoring
    3. Flowing Data Back into Your CRM
  3. Serving Your Sales Team
    1. Targeting Accounts Across All Stages
    2. Determining Your Pipeline
Lessons: 75 lessons

  1. Generating Velocity For Sales
    1. Accelerating Your Pipeline From Click to Close
    2. Advancing Opportunities to Closed-Won Deals
    3. Growing Revenue Using ABM
  2. Personalizing The Buyer’s Channel
    1. Mobilizing Your Message
    2. Advertising on the Right Platforms
    3. Engaging on Social Media
  3. Developing Content for Campaigns
    1. Creating a Content Library
    2. Humanizing Content
    3. Reaching Through Technology
  4. Hosting Events
    1. Steak Dinners Aren’t Dead
    2. Roadshows
    3. User Conferences
  5. Testing Your Campaigns
Lessons: 40 lessons

  1. Elevating The Buyer to Customer Journey
    1. Establishing a Customer Journey – Stages of ABM for Paying Customers
    2. Selling to Existing Customers
  2. Recognizing The Value of Customer Advocacy
    1. Rising Influence of Customer Voice
    2. Making Customers Your Marketers
  3. Aligning Marketing, Sales and Customer Success
    1. Nurturing Never Stops
    2. Collaborating With Customer Success
Lessons: 18 lessons

  1. Setting Key Performance Indicators
    1. Attributing Metrics At The Account Level
    2. Attribution Metrics At The Campaign Level
    3. Measuring Engagement In Minutes
    4. Attributing Marketing Spend to Revenue
  2. Reporting Your Results
    1. CRM
    2. Marketing Automation
    3. ABM Platform
    4. Support Ticket System

Meet Your ABM University Professors

Lincoln Murphy
Lincoln MurphyCustomer Success Consultant at Sixteen Ventures
Craig Rosenberg
Craig RosenbergCo-founder and Chief Analyst at Topo, Inc.
Julia Stead
Julia SteadSr. Director, Demand Generation at Invoca
Jill Rowley
Jill RowleySocial Selling Evangelist & Entrepreneur
Christopher Long
Christopher LongDirector of Marketing Operations at WP Engine
Matt Senatore
Matt SenatoreService Director, Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions
Justin Gray
Justin GrayCEO & Co-Founder of LeadMD
Maria Pergolino
Maria PergolinoSVP of Marketing & Sales Development at Apttus
David Raab
David RaabOwner at Raab & Associates
Matt Heinz
Matt HeinzPresident of Heinz Marketing
Tyler Lessard
Tyler LessardVP Marketing at Vidyard
Koka Sexton
Koka SextonGlobal Industry Principal, Social Selling

Frequently Asked Questions

One license is currently offered at $499 for one full year of access from purchase date.

Purchasing ABM University is really easy – all you have to do is click here to begin. You’ll be prompted to “Sign Up” on our learning management system called Learnyst and create an account. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enter your payment information through Stripe, a secure payments processor.

Think of ABM University as complimentary education to #FlipMyFunnel events and conferences. With a strong foundation in account-based marketing, you’ll have stronger insights from the speakers at #FlipMyFunnel events, you’ll be able to ask better, more informed questions, and you’ll leave with different takeaways than you would otherwise.

ABM University provides a practical deep-dive into account-based marketing planning, execution, and measurement.

ABM University is perfect for both teams and individuals who want to invest in their professional development.

Marketers, customer success professionals, and sales professionals will benefit greatly from taking the course, and they benefit even more when the whole team does it together.

The ABM Professors are the source of all video content in the course, and they all offer their vision and practical experience in ABM. They are also active #FlipMyFunnel community members and advocates of ABM University, so you will see them from time to time in the Slack channels, speaking at events, participating in our tweet chats, and more.

If you have more questions and need to talk to someone, hit the chat box in the bottom-right corner, or send an email to [email protected]

We’ve seen students blitz through the program in a matter of days; others take it a week at a time. It completely depends on your availability and pace, but we estimate it takes anywhere from 20 – 40 hours to complete the course.

Become a Marketing Hero In Your Organization

Do you want to learn from Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing Experts who have accelerated their pipelines, created marketing campaigns their prospects love, generated positive ROI, and become Marketing Heroes?



All of This For a Great Cause:

PowerMyLearningPowerMyLearning is a national non-profit that leverages technology to strengthen the learning relationships among students, teachers and families so that all students can succeed. Their work fosters growth in teachers as instructional leaders, in parents as support partners and in students as learners who can meet the challenge of high academic standards.

PowerMyLearning partners with schools, districts and after-school hubs to provide teachers with coaching and students and parents with devices and training. Underlying their work is a free web platform, PowerMyLearning Connect, already in use in more than 40 percent of school communities nationwide. The organization has demonstrated impact on student achievement and love of learning; teacher instructional practices and parental confidence.

Our Promise to PowerMyLearning

A portion of the proceeds from ABM University will be donated to PowerMyLearning by #FlipMyFunnel.

About the Creators of ABM University

Account-Based Marketing University was created with one sole purpose in mind: create marketing heroes in their industries, and teach both marketers and sales professionals how to completely hack their funnel and turn their campaigns into objectives that result in real ROI and the results that matter. 

Founded in 2015 by Terminus CMO and co-founder Sangram Vajre, #FlipMyFunnel is a vendor-agnostic community providing B2B marketing, sales and customersuccess practitioners the opportunity to connect both online and offline with their peers. Its mission is to flip the traditional B2B lead-based sales funnel on its head and challenge the status quo with account-based marketing. 

Learn more about #FlipMyFunnel’s mission and purpose by clicking here.

Dump Your Old Funnel, Challenge the Status Quo, and Get Results with ABM University

Tired of the same-old, tired leads that ghost on you? Challenge your funnel, take destiny by the reigns, and don’t let your dreams be dreams. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in B2B marketing or sales!