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The secret to closing more deals, accelerating your pipeline, and proving the true value of marketing.

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Hey! Sangram here!

Welcome to the Account-Based Marketing Crash Course!

My name is Sangram Vajre, the Founder of #FlipMyFunnel, and I’m here on a mission – to improve your life and turn you into a marketing superhero. I know. Sounds kind of crazy, right? But it’s true.

I’m here to help and make things better. There’s a really good chance that you’re a B2B marketer or sales professional and you’ve hit a wall – it doesn’t matter how many leads you seem to provide, nothing seems to stick.

You’ve run tons of campaigns, followed up with a billion leads, and nothing is working. But you know there has got to be a better way.

Well, my friend, if you’re here, it’s because you’ve stumbled upon account-based marketing – the B2B world’s oldest veteran and best-kept secret. The Account-Based Marketing Crash Course will give you a solid foundation of the best-practices of ABM, walk you through the process of applying account-based marketing to your business, plus access to very special bonus materials.

The course is only 6-days, but is packed with valuable insights and content – all from me and few other very special thought-leaders.

So go ahead and get started! I’ll see you in your inbox!

Sangram Vajre
Founder of #FlipMyFunnel

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You Will Learn in the Account-Based Marketing Crash Course

#FlipMyFunnel created the Account-Based Marketing Crash Course – a 6-day course for B2B marketers and sellers who are frustrated with their campaigns not showing any ROI, their leads not turning into closed deals, and want to learn how to flip the funnel.

We’ve had the opportunity to engage with over 5,600 B2B marketers through the #FlipMyFunnel community and one thing we’ve consistently heard is that the B2B landscape has drastically changed the way marketing and sales go-to-market, and cutting through the clutter has become even more challenging for both teams. 

The Account-Based Marketing Crash Course will cover the fundamentals of ABM, completely reshape the way you think about leads and campaigns, and cover campaign ideas and results to aspire towards – all delivered daily, straight to your inbox. 

Plus, when you sign up, you get access to these BONUS materials:

  • The #FlipMyFunnel Worksheet for Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Special videos from Account-Based Marketing thought-leaders Jill Rowley, Craig Rosenberg, Koka Sexton, Tyler Lessard, and Maria Pergolino
  • Sneak-peek of #FlipMyFunnel’s ABM University content

So are you ready to get started?


What Account-Based Marketing Can Help You Solve

You’re facing one or more of these issues in your business:

  • You toss leads over to Sales and cross your fingers that they become paying customers
  • All of your leads are crap
  • Your team isn’t able to generate enough demand for your product or service
  • You want to win over enterprise companies but are daunted by the process
  • Your campaigns result in really crappy ROI despite best efforts and healthy budget
  • Your deals aren’t closing fast enough
  • You can’t seem to engage your target market
  • Your pipeline keeps getting bigger, but nothing’s closing
  • Sales and Marketing aren’t aligned around the same goals and therefore can’t speak the same language
  • Sales isn’t converting your leads into paying customers
  • Marketing isn’t giving you quality leads that generate real opportunities

You’ve got one or more of these goals but you’re not hitting them:

  • You want high-quality leads that turn into paying customers
  • You want your marketing campaigns to provide actual results and positive ROI
  • You want to maximize your resources and budget
  • You want to impress your Sales team with prospects who are ready to buy and become real opportunities
  • You want to increase the amount of conversations, appointments, and meetings with your prospects
  • You want to create marketing campaigns that your prospects and brand advocates will rave about
  • You want to accelerate your pipeline and turn prospects into customers faster

Learn How to Completely Flip Your Funnel and Get Results from Account-Based Marketing

The Account-Based Marketing Crash Course will teach you how to completely trash the old way of running campaigns, best practices in account-based marketing, and what other marketers are doing to get results.



What You Will Learn

#FlipMyFunnel has launched Account-Based Marketing Crash Course – a 6-day course on the fundamentals of account-based marketing delivered straight to your inbox!

  • How to define the target markets and people that will pay your organization money
  • How to completely reshape the way you think about leads and how to get them
  • Reach the right audience for your product or service
  • Learn how to help the Sales team close your opportunities and turn your leads into deals
  • How to accelerate your pipeline
  • Increase the number of opportunities
  • Convert your dream accounts into paying customers
  • Build a more effective approach for target accounts
  • Secure more meetings, phone calls, and appointments for your sales team
  • Develop your own completely flipped funnel
  • Get tons of ideas on campaigns to run on your target market
  • How to sell ABM internally to the organization
  • How to get in front of prospects
  • Expand reach in current accounts
  • How to engage the key decision-makers and get their attention
  • Create brand advocates in the long-term
  • Reduce customer churn and extend the lifetime value of your customers

What’s Possible With Account-Based Marketing

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what these #FlipMyFunnel community members had to say on their results. After implementing account-based marketing and running ABM campaigns, these organizations achieved what felt impossible.

“Since [my] first ABM launch, in December of 2014, 1/3 of the sales pipeline can be attributed to ABM campaign success. Working diligently with sales, [I have] been able to help sales achieve their annual sales goal mid-October of 2016, almost 3 months ahead of plan.”
Adam Polaszewski, Director of Demand Generation,
“This [ABM] strategy has increased awareness among our target accounts from being 2% of website traffic to being 8%, opportunity coverage went up from 13% of accounts having an opportunity to over 40% in the matter of 6 months, and we landed a few Fortune 100 deals sourced by marketing.”
Masha Finkelstein, Demand Generation Lead at BetterWorks
“After seeing a 41% account to meeting conversion rate and a 177% ROI we decided to dive in. In September 2016 we launched our first truly automated campaign and began our weekly direct mail cadence – all supported by display, content syndication and sponsored updates. As we move into Q4, we are seeing a 120% ROI and are focused on how we can expand and improve our efficiency.”
Lisa Skinner, VP, Demand Generation at Localytics
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Account-Based Marketing Crash Course will teach you the fundamentals of account-based marketing and what other ABM practitioners are doing to get results. So what are you waiting for?
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About the Creators of the Account-Based Marketing Crash Course

The Account-Based Marketing Crash Course was created with one sole purpose in mind: create marketing heroes in their industries, and teach both marketers and sales professionals how to completely hack their funnel and turn their campaigns into objectives that result in real ROI and the results that matter. 

Founded in 2015 by Terminus CMO and co-founder Sangram Vajre, #FlipMyFunnel is a vendor-agnostic community providing B2B marketing, sales and customersuccess practitioners the opportunity to connect both online and offline with their peers. Its mission is to flip the traditional B2B lead-based sales funnel on its head and challenge the status quo with account-based marketing. 

Learn more about #FlipMyFunnel’s mission and purpose by clicking here.