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Jeff Bezos’ Philosophy On Growth (Part 1)

This post is based on a podcast where Sangram discusses what we can learn from Amazon's first ever shareholder letter.  This is Part 1 of 4.  If you’d like to listen to more #FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Non-Profit Partner

PowerMyLearning is a national non-profit that leverages technology to strengthen the learning relationships among students, teachers and families so that all students can succeed. Their work fosters growth in teachers as instructional leaders, in parents as support partners and in students as learners who can meet the challenge of high academic standards.

PowerMyLearning partners with schools, districts and after-school hubs to provide teachers with coaching and students and parents with devices and training. Underlying their work is a free web platform, PowerMyLearning Connect, already in use in more than 40 percent of school communities nationwide. The organization has demonstrated impact on student achievement and love of learning; teacher instructional practices and parental confidence.

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