If You Suck at Marketing, You’ll Suck at ABM: What is Unbound?

This week, Sangram expands on the idea of unbound. Never heard of it? Watch the quick video. Can’t watch the video? Check out the main flipping points below and tweet your favorites!




Flipping Points

  • What exactly is unbound?
    • This isn’t a new term and has a lot of different names (think all bound or no bound).
    • The main point of unbound is to decouple the silos and work together from a marketing and sales standpoint.
  • It doesn’t matter who gets the credit – it matters if marketing and sales are working together to close deals.
    • At the end of the day, the sales team is closing the deal and making the commission on it. Marketing’s job is to secure an audition for the sales team with a process or account that sales wants to go after.
  • Unbound is away of thinking that will allow sales and marketing teams to work together.
    • Imagine there’s a list of accounts that you want to focus on and those accounts are something that sales AND marketing both brought together.
    • The second step is coming together with a message that matters to those accounts – be it cadences, emails, calls, direct mail campaigns.

The next time you’re trying to do marketing and sales alignment, instead of focusing on who gets the credit, maybe reflect on the idea of no credit to anybody and just work together.

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If You Suck at Marketing, You'll Suck at ABM: Modern ABM Organization
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If You Suck at Marketing, You'll Suck at ABM: Modern ABM Organization
Sangram Vajre is back for another quick breakdown for B2B organizations on how modern account-based marketing organizations are structured and why even having a structure is importance to your company's success.
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