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With the #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow just 3 weeks away, we wanted the theme of this roundup to be “challenging the status quo”. We started off with busting the myth that account-based marketing (ABM) is the death of inbound or outbound marketing. The next three pieces break from your regular blog post format as we share a summary of a recent Heinz Marketing webinar and a list of the leading ABM influencers. We follow up those up with a cheat sheet on selecting your target accounts. The Death of The Decision Maker wraps up this week’s roundup, as we look at how we must change our marketing as companies change their purchasing structure. Check out all of our great articles now!

1. Account-Based Marketing isn’t the death of anything

Every day we hear of how ABM is going to replace your B2B marketing strategy as the way companies create demand for their product, and this can’t be further from the truth. In this article by Adam New-Waterson, we learn how ABM doesn’t replace these marketing strategies but rather work with them to make your marketing team stronger than ever.

Flipping Points:

  • Inbound marketing is about earning people’s attention through great content. This principle is still useful when applied to ABM. It can help you foster amazing relationships with the people you’re marketing to.
  • Content marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, ABM means you need more content, not less.

Key Takeaway:

Account-Based Marketing isn’t going to be the death of any, one tactic. Instead, it’s another tool to use in your arsenal.

2. ABM For The Efficient B2B Marketer 

If you happened to miss the webinar that Integrate and Heinz Marketing hosted, then we have the perfect gift for you. We have the slides from the webinar that will help you learn more about how ABM can help your company increase its pipeline velocity and bring better marketing and sales alignment.

Flipping Points:

  • 84% of companies believe that ABM provides significant benefits for retaining and expanding current client relationships.
  • Companies using ABM generate 208% more revenue for their marketing effort.

Key Takeaway:

When analyzing data, engagement among targeted accounts is the immediate goal while revenue attribution is the long term goal.

3. 23 Account-Based Marketing Leaders to Follow on Twitter

I’ve yet to see an article that list the best thought leaders in the ABM industry, but that’s exactly what Bizible gives us with 23 Account-Based Marketing Leaders to Follow on Twitter.  See if your favorite marketer made the list!

Key Takeaway:

B2B account-based marketing is the process of identifying target accounts and proactively getting your message in front of all influencers within that target company

4. 4 Proven Ways to Quickly Select Target Accounts for Account-Based Marketing

Selecting target accounts is the first step in implementing ABM into your current marketing mix. Because the process is so important, it’s often very time-consuming. Luckily for us, Triblio gave us a great article on how to quickly select the accounts. After this article, you’ll be engaging your key decision makers in no time.

Flipping Points:

  • Choose Accounts by the field selection options on the form
  • Find out how sales teams are organized
  • Choose target accounts from clues on a website
  • Marketing automation segmentation is the final clue

Key Takeaway: 

Selecting target accounts is the most important part of ABM

5. The Death of The Decision Maker

The title is a little misleading, especially when we just said ABM isn’t the death of anything, but hear me out. This article explains how the decision maker has been replaced by a group. It’s now marketing’s job to get content in front of this group of people as opposed to one person. There’s no better way to do it than with ABM!

Flipping Points:

  • ABM is structured approach for navigating a complex purchase funnel and an array of stakeholders, engaging and convincing all of them to reach a purchase decision together.
  • Data is crucial. Marketing professionals and sales development reps (SDRs) are far more effective in the sales arena armed with robust account data and relevant messages.

Key Takeaway:

Structuring sales-marketing alignments around the target account list is the key for success and return on investment.

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