Revenue Summit 2017 - B2B Conference for Marketing

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My B2B Marketing Career

Nobody ever gets it right on the first go-round. If you’re anything like the typical marketer, we like to make the same mistake over and over again - just to make sure it’s absolutely wrong.

Changing the Face of MarTech: The First Ever List of Female Marketing Technologists

At #FlipMyFunnel, we’ve always been intentional about ensure we were inclusive of women in our events. We try hard to ensure we don’t have any manels -- panels without women -- and we aim to

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Revenue Summit 2017

Early into my marketing career, I wanted to go to a few conferences throughout the year that I knew were going to launch me into my career, give me a solid footing in the industry, and



#FlipMyFunnel Manifesto 

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History of #FlipMyFunnel

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